Donor advised funds are the most popular giving vehicle in philanthropy today.

Individual Donors

With $25,000 or more, an individual, family, trust, corporation or nonprofit organization can establish a donor-advised fund account with GlobalTrust Funds. A DAF can be customized to fit your personal philanthropic interests.

Financial Advisors

We work with financial, tax, legal and other professional advisors to provide  philanthropic expertise to your clients.

Financial Institutions

GlobalTrust Funds works with financial institutions to offer a company-branded donor-advised fund program. Our custom tailored DAF program affords the opportunity for corporate staff members and management to meet their philanthropic goals. Our DAF program can also meet the needs of single family and multi-family offices around the country.

Private Foundations

GlobalTrust Funds can help you convert your foundation or complement it with a named donor-advised fund with less overhead, improved tax deductions and increased grant flexibility.