Social Innovation Fund

A Creative way to grow lasting change

Make a difference, even before making a grant

Put your GlobalTrust Fund balance to work by investing in social impact businesses and world changing entrepreneurs that combine impact with financial returns.

For most GlobalTrust Funds donors, sending grants to charities from their Donor Advised Funds (DAF) is how they make a tangible difference for the causes they love. But a growing number of givers that are social impact minded are using their DAF balances itself to generate charitable good through social impact investing. With impact investing, your DAF assets are invested in private companies, venture funds, or non-profits that are achieving sufficient and lasting impact around the world.  Once the investment is made, the entity puts the money to work, and the earnings go back into your DAF  So while furthering the social causes you love, your DAF is also invested in social business enterprises and entrepreneurs that have the potential to generate financial returns.